In becoming a member of the 50DollarVacationExperience Club you have agreed to Gift $50 Australian, which is non-refundable.
In return you will have access to the club’s website private member’s area at http://50dollarvacationexperience.club/ and to the Livetrekker trip link. But disruptions to those two areas beyond our control will not give rise to a refund in part or whole.
The holiday / vacation is for the duration of 65 days leaving Melbourne Airport for London on the 9th of July 2017 and finishing in Melbourne from Dubai on 11th September 2017. Prior to 9th of July 2017 there will be a trial blog on Melbourne and close Victorian destinations to Showcase Melbourne and to test the operational aspects of the club’s concept.,
The places to be visited is London, Paris, Amsterdam, A river cruise from Amsterdam to Budabest with many stops in between, Italy 14 tour, Greece 7-day mainland tour plus Greece 10 day Island hopping and 7 day Dubai experience tour.
The owners of http://50dollarvacationexperience.club/ Rhonda and Christian Van Taarling take on the risk and responsibility of supplying the holiday experience and the payment associated with the holiday / vacation and costs, of running the concept business. And be liable for all financial dealings in the cost of the holiday and the setting up of the concept.
They will not be responsible if there are unforeseen events affecting delivery of parts or the whole of the concept including flight cancelations, illness or death. In the event of the whole concept being cancelled or postponed indefinitely due to illness, deaf, war or civil unrest or natural disasters or other unforeseen events, there will be no refund.
The term Concept Costs in this document refers to the cost of running the concept and is separate from the cost of the vacation, some of those costs are but not limited to Website development, Marketing video creation, Icon creation, Web hosting, Domain name purchase and registration, Server costs for Web hosting and Livetracker business costs.
Depending on how successful http://50dollarvacationexperience.club/ is, a member’s draw will be made after each mile stone.
Milestones will be but not limited to 1.) Concept Costs +Travel costs, 2.) Accommodation costs, 3.) Spending money, 4.) Ancillary and planning costs, 5,) setting up next holidays. 6.) Any surplus money thereafter to be kept by Chris & Rhonda for their risk taking after giving 10% back for member drawings.
 Where travel costs relate to flights, transfers, bus, taxi. And accommodation costs relate to hotel/bed and breakfast, for the purpose of allocation for tours which include a mode of transport and lodgings the cost of those tours shall be divided equally (50%/50%) between Travel and Accommodation.
Prizes for members draws will be dependant of the success of the club and its concept, therefore they cannot be definitely stated, if the milestone 1 is reached then money in excess of that cost will go to the members draw, if there is enough funds after that milestone and we begin on the second milestone then the prize for the first members draw shall be a European river cruise, For the second draw after the second milestone is reached and milestone 3 is begun the prize shall be a Dubai Experience holiday. Other prizes are to be advised.
We promise that this is not a scam and we have booked the Holiday with the following booked and deposit or booked and paid for even be it on credit.
International flights: 9/7/2017 Melbourne  to London =Etihad Airways Flight EY 0463/EY011, 4/9/2017Greece to Dubai = EY90/Ey5428, 10/09/2017 Dubai to Melbourne Etihad Airways Flight EY5423/EY0460, 05/08/2017 Budapest to Rome = AlItalia Airways Flight AZ479, 19/08/2017 Rome to Athens = AlItalia Airways Flight AZ720.
Accommodation deals:
London 10/7/2017 3 days https://luxuryescapes.com/conrad-london-st-james-0
Paris 13/7/2017 5 days Paris – Luxury Escapes - Molitor Paris - MGallery by Sofitel https://luxuryescapes.com/four-days-in-a-classic-room-at-the-avant-garde-molitor-paris?utm_source=luxuryescapes&utm_group=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=67560&utm_content=180685&m_check=m_6954773_h_053c2ab68a66f7fb59fb628fc8d4c8df
05/08/2017 Rome Accommodation extra day before – Global Journeys
22/7/2017 to 05/08/2017[15 days] River Cruise [Amsterdam to Budapest] . Evergreen tours - Cruise Upgrade (Emerald Dawn: Emerald Balcony Suite (CatB)) Splendours of Europe from AMS to BUD https://www.evergreentours.com.au/tour/splendours-of-europe/4058
06/08/2017- 19/08/2017 Global Journeys - Cosmos   14 Day Italy's Best   booking
19/08/2017 to 25/08/2017 7 day Glories of Greece.  Glories of Greece

04/09/2017 to 10/09/2097 TRAVEL AND TASTE PTY. LTD.
Still to be booked: 10 days Greek islands expecting to be 3 days in Mykonos , 4 days in Santorini, 3 days in Rhodes, train from London to Paris, train from Paris to Amsterdam. Accommodation 4 days in Amsterdam which may be billeted at relative’s residence.

Photos used in the initial marketing are licenced photos from either Getty’s Stock/iStock or AdobiStock and are licence for use by Chistiaan Van Taarling for 50DollarVacationExperience.com and cannot be copied for others to use.
The intro Video with the photos in the background is available on YouTube at https://youtu.be/PustYnMdqaE You may post this video in your own YouTube channel, Facebook or other social media site, or link to this video to share to others in fact you would be increasing the marketing of the concept and helping us towards the cost of the vacation and ultimately increasing the money available for members draws. You may not edit the video in any way nor may you imbed the video in part or whole in any other video.
Photos voice recordings and videos taken By Rhonda Van Taarling and/or Christiaan Van Taarling
Livetrecker trips belong to Rhonda Van Taarling and Christiaan Van Taarling
The Website at Hostgator and the WordPress website is owned by Rhonda Van Taarling and Christiaan Van Taarling
The concept for $50 vacation experience was created in June 2016 by Christiaan Van Tarling and is intellectual property of Rhonda Van Taarling and Christiaan Van Taarling.
Rhonda and Christiaan Van Taarling are real people living in a western Melbourne suburb in the state of Victoria in the country of Australia. Rhonda Is a loving mother to our 4 children and a grandmother to our 8 grandchildren (9 in October 2017). Rhonda is not fit for work due to a car accident but volunteers at St Vincent De Pauls. Christiaan Van Taarling (Father of 4 and Opa to 8 grandchildren) runs a part time cleaning business and is a teacher at a primary school (Teaching computer studies to grade prep to grade 6