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Give more at our Crowd Funding page and for every $50 amount you give, you will be entered in the members draws during the Eropean Vacation promotion. E.G. Give $200 and you get 4 entries, that is 4 in every draw you get 4 entries. 
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Crowd funding

Subject to funds being available What could you win?

  1. 3rd Members draw = Cash for duty free shopping
    duty free stores which is always a great experience or purchase from the many duty free stores around the world.
  2. 4th Members Draw = Surprise!
    4th Members Draw = Surprise!
    Depending on funds available if we reach a fourth drawing then it could be anything upto a relaxing holiday greek island hopping. Visit islands such as Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes.

The action of giving brings good karma!  Some say that after giving you will be repaid ten fold. What goes around comes around - I wish all those that give to my cause to be rewarded with a most positive outcome.