About us and our concept
The $50 Vacation Experience Where you enjoy a 65 day Virtual Vacation
The Concept
You Gift Rhonda and Christiaan $50 or more to help them pay for their dream holiday (you become a member or multiple member) and in exchange they will give you access to their private Wordpress Blog page where they will upload images and thier experiences every day for 65 days. They will also upload images or video or text in an app as it happens and you will follow them in real time. This app uses Geo-location so you see them on a map where ever they are on the globe, So they cannot cheet or scam by just posting pictures etc as the location would come up as in Australia or where ever they really are.

Also at different stages they will have a members draw (see Special offers for more information on prizes) So you could end up going on a vacation in reality, yourself courtesy of the members draw. 
Besides Donating towards the cost of the holiday, you will help in the viral marketing campaign by Tweeting on Twitter, Posting on Facebook and instagram, which will improve the success of the concept and the likelyhood of member Draws

Rhonda is a grandmother in her 60s who cannot work anymore due to a car accident, However She Volunteers at St Vincent De Paul  several days a week. She dotes on her 8 grandchildren (Soon to become 9 grandchildren) From the car accident she had to have her C6 disk removed and her spine fused at the gap. She is mobile however she is on a  constant pain releif program and certain events increase the pain such as climate, sudden jolts or bumps during transport etc.

Christiaan is a dutch born Australian immigrant in his 60s and OPA (Grandfather to 8 children). He emigrated as a child at the age of 5 and returned to Holland for 2 years at the age of 16. He runs a cleaning business part time for extra cash to pay the bills. In the past he ran the cleaning business full time but the business was severely effected by economic factors. Christiaan returned to full time study during the full time cleaning period earning a Certificate and advanced diploma at TAFE and at University ,a double Business degree and a Diploma of Education (primary). He has been Teaching at primary schools since 2002 at both specialist schools with handicapped students and at mainstream schools. He is currently the computer teacher at a primary school which has an annex for deaf students who are integrated into the mainstream campus. The school has over 420 students. He loves camping, scuba diving and pub poker (No limit holdem).

They live in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne Australia, and have an alsation dog. Currently one of their daughters with 2 grandsons and a labrador dog live with them also.